Memorial Day

30 MAY 2016

Recognizing our fallen brothers and sisters

"Welcome Home" to our Vietnam Vets

Regular Membership Monthly Meeting

Post 2001 meets every 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the

Evergreen Fire Station #2, 1802 Bergen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439.

Check upcoming events calendar for specific date each month.

Map and Directions

Post 2001 events are postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.  HOWEVER, WE ARE STILL AVAILABLE, SO IF YOU NEED ANYTHING VISIT THE CONTACT US PAGE AND LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN HELP.

                    POST 2001 MISSION

    The American Legion, chartered by Congress on Sept. 16, 1919, is the nation’s largest veterans organization.  Comprised of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion, it is the MISSION of the American Legion Family to affirm to the generations as yet unborn their due inheritance, a legacy no less grand than that to which we today are heirs.  We must be the champions of service to our veterans and our community.  We affirm our commitment to our community, one that is proud of its veterans and service men and women.


                    POST 2001 VISION

    American Legion Post 2001 of Evergreen affirms its commitment to be an active participant in community activities and programs.  We pledge to support our community’s veterans, our comrades in arms, their families and heirs.  We also pledge to support our community’s schools and children.  Be it affirmed, that the VISION of American Legion Post 2001 is to provide lasting support and memory for present and future generations of those who answer our country’s call to service to protect our freedom and way of life for posterity.

Contact us for membership and detailed meeting information.

A link for the membership application form is below in on the "Membership" page listed at the top of the page.


The American Legion is the only service organization chartered by an act of Congress on Sept. 16, 1919.  Membership is limited to the dates set by Congress.  Currently, there are 7 separate time periods Congress has declared for eligibility – WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama-Granada-Lebanon,  Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan-Iraqi Freedom.  The motto of the American Legion is “Still Serving America” - veterans who continue their service to American by still serving their communities.